We Blend Strategic Analysis With Advanced Technology To Create
Customized Public Transportation Plans For Communities

  • Background Approach and Strategy Thinking: Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of transportation history and an innovative strategy mindset. We combine the best of the past with forward-thinking ideas to create sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Leveraging Technology: Our use of cutting-edge technology is dedicated to informing and connecting individuals with transportation options and opportunities. This tech-savvy approach ensures that transportation decisions are data-driven and user-friendly.
  • Seamless Integration: We specialize in blending diverse community transportation elements into a unified system. This integrated approach ensures a comprehensive family of services that cater to a wide range of needs, promoting inclusivity and opportunity for all.
  • Intense Commitment to Policy Improvement: We are deeply committed to improving transportation policy frameworks. Our passion drives us to advocate for more efficient and effective policies that benefit communities and their mobility.
  • Customer and Community Engagement: We prioritize open and effective communication with both customers and communities. This two-way dialogue allows us to tailor transportation solutions to their specific requirements, fostering greater satisfaction and engagement.
  • Integrating Public Transit: Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating public transit into the overall mobility landscape of communities. We ensure that public transportation becomes an integral part of the community’s fabric, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all.

Connecting Communities and Public Transportation

At MCA, we work closely with customers and communities, offering guidance on local choices, using technology to inform decisions, and recommending operators. We firmly believe in the role of public transportation in ensuring equitable and inclusive services for all, emphasizing seamless mobility.

We actively participate in industry associations like APTA, CTAA, TRB, and FTA, developing policy perspectives related to mobility. We advocate for the sustainability of pilot microtransit projects through dedicated funding sources. Collaboration and advocacy are key to delivering these messages to decision-makers at all levels.

Our expertise extends to operations, finance, management, organizational design, and development. We specialize in integrated and coordinated mobility, creating networks that facilitate communication and seamless services for customers and communities.

MCA, LLC is certified as a DBE for federal-aid transportation projects and designated as a WBE by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We hold DBE certifications from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the New York State Department of Transportation, and the State of Tennessee Uniform Certification Process.

“Our objective is to contribute value to the communities we engage with by employing policy and planning strategies that foster collaborations between public transportation and emerging technology partners. Our ultimate goal is to transition towards a single, accessible system for everyone.”

Marlene Connor
Marlene Connor Associates, LLC

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