Transit Operations Efficiency Study for the City of Gastonia, NC

City of Gastonia, NC

GastoniaTransitOperationsEfficiencyStudyMCA is part of the team selected to review the existing transit services for the city system in Gastonia and provide recommendations regarding potential modifications or alternatives including a review of: ridership, route structure, fleet composition, organizational design structure, coordination opportunities and other concepts to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

MCA is working in concert with other team members,  specifically providing insight with respect to the route structure and alternatives as well as other organizational opportunities. For example, although the City operates the fixed route service and ADA paratransit service, the County provides human service transportation. Also, with respect to fixed route transit, the City receives commuter services operated by the Charlotte Area Transit System.

As a result of the various components of the system within Gastonia, there will be a number of operational efficiencies considered as part of this analysis.

Transportation/Transit Planning
Route Analysis
Organizational design

November 2016

$ 67,000

Rebecca Cherry, President
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