TCRP A– 42 Minutes Matter – A Guide to Bus Service Reliability

Transit Cooperative Research Program | WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff – National

MCA is part of the research team selected for this project. The objective of this research is to develop a guide for the public transportation industry in the areas of bus transit service reliability. The guide will include a toolbox of resources that may be used to diagnose and manage bus transit service reliability and will describe benefits, costs, and outcomes of potential policies, strategies, and actions including in the areas of technology and facility development.

The research steps will include a review of prior studies and activities, enhanced through an extensive national and international survey of transit agencies. Once the background information and data has been developed, then more specific analysis with respect to performance measurement, both from a customer and operator perspective, can begin to be more fully developed.

Phase two of the research will include more focused review of various techniques, based on detailed case studies and ongoing research activities that will be presented in a guide to add value to the industry.

The MCA role in the research is to provide input based on prior experiences with TCRP research projects and assignments within the industry as well as ongoing activities within APTA.


Research and guidance development for public transportation agencies

January 2016– September 2017

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