Senior & Community Mobility Projects

Cobb County

Senior Adult Transportation Study

CobbCountyCobb County DOT wanted to complete a senior adult transportation study to improve accessibility and mobility for older adults in Cobb County, Georgia. In Cobb County, the portion of residents age 55 and above was growing faster than the total population. With a considerably faster growth rate, the portion of older adults in Cobb County was projected to double, and was anticipated to constitute nearly 20 percent of the total population by 2030. This project addressed Cobb County’s transportation needs by looking at the relationship between Cobb County Transit and Cobb Senior Services to recommend modifications to existing services and/or providing new services where needed.

As part of this effort staff: Identified and inventoried existing transportation services provided by relevant organizations and agencies working with older adults; Analyzed and quantified the needs, preferences, and priorities of older adults living in Cobb County; Reviewed local, state and federal service regulations and requirements for services and other functional activities; Identified opportunities for improved coordination among organizations; Combined information into a strategic plan that laid out the process to design effective and efficient services that meet the needs of the older adult community. The study recommended an intensive public education and involvement program, interagency coordination processes and the implementation of a Mobility Management track within the county, including the development of a staff level Mobility Manager to work within Cobb DOT to carry out the recommended program. This program was approved by County Commissioners for implementation.