Regional Service Concept Design & Development

Savannah Georgia Transit Mobility Vision Plan

Svananah_TMVPThis study for the MPO initially was conceived as a long term plan for Chatham Area Transit, extending services outward to the greater Savannah region. However, as part of stakeholder interviews and input from the advisory committee, the study broadened to include representatives from South Carolina and several surrounding counties in Georgia. The study recommendations included framing key corridors and potential incremental capital and operation additions, starting with the use of Intelligent Transportation System components, such as linking web sites, combining client lists and creating service links, considering a regional call center and developing a common fare medium that could be used by all operators and also connect with the City of Savannah parking network.

The study identified high density travel corridors and connecting mobility strategies that could serve as a framework for the future in the multi county-multi state region. The plan was incorporated into the region’s overall long range transportation strategy documents.