Project Management: FTA Mobility on Demand Grant, DART Dallas TX

MOD Mobility on Demand and DARTDART was one of eleven jurisdictions that were awarded funding as part of the initial FTA Mobility on Demand grant process. Based on the knowledge of staff in the areas of integrated and shared mobility, DART selected MCA to provide project management working in concert with their staff and the FTA and their various oversight and assistance team.

DART will develop a platform to integrate new MOD transportation providers into a transit App which will plan transit multi-modal journeys, pay for services and collect traveler information in a single transactional experience with a single interface for the user, service providers and settle each share of the journey on a single user account, using its regional mobile application (Go Pass). Following the technology phase, DART will conduct a pilot test using first and last mile providers including transportation network companies (TNC), public transit first-last mile options including urban, rural and suburban transit providers (e.g., DART On Call), taxi companies, bike share, car share, van and carpool providers.

MCA activities have included coordinating the development of the DART Project Management Team, finalizing the Project Management Plan, updating the project schedule and developing internal communication, planning and management processes. Next steps will be focused on the FTA communication and reporting processes, including sharing information with other grantees.

The implementation process, coordinated by MCA, will build momentum informing project sponsors/potential partnering agencies, working with the technology team to identify roles and responsibilities and negotiating processes/agreements with mobility providers such as: Bridj, Uber, and Lyft.

MCA will work with the Project Management Team to conduct a one-year pilot test of the upgraded regional mobile app and integrated payment system within four use cases.

David Leininger
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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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February 2017 – 2019