Professional Services On Call Services for Orange County, NY

Cambridge Systematics – Orange County, New York

MCA is part of a team selected by Orange County NY to perform a series of task order assignments regarding the existing public transportation services in the County as well as options and alternatives to those services.

Work assignments to date have included assistance in management oversight reviews of the operators and their current National Transit Database reporting procedures and processes and recommendations for modifications, including assistance in NTD grant filing for 2015, which has been implemented.

Current work includes assistance in a review of the County Dial a Bus operations and the development of recommended improvements in efficiencies and service delivery options. Additional work to be performed could include a review of facility grants and projects, options and alternatives for consolidation, coordination or collaboration of the ADA paratransit services and other financial, planning and policy assignments where MCA experience can add value.

Public Transportation
Planning , financial analysis,
grants management support

January 2015- ongoing


Christopher Titze, Project Manager
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
38 East 32nd Street, 7th floor