Operational Assessments

Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority

System Analysis

Kanawha_Valley_(KRTA)_System_Analysis.mca1.savedforweb.11The study for the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority in Charleston, WV was a system analysis of multiple activities and services provided to the communities within the greater Charleston area. KRT was specifically interested in a focused review of their services, an updated evaluation of the ADA paratransit operation (KAT), recommendations to improve interaction with the colleges, universities and a review of the current fare and zone structure. The study initiated with an in-depth site visit to reinforce the many difficulties operating services proximate to two rivers and into the hollers that extend into the mountainous terrain. The site visit also included meetings with numerous stakeholders and, including city, county and state officials and staff.

The goals of the study were to develop consistent and frequent service on the primary corridors, to simply the route structure and to provide connectivity to non downtown destinations. The study included identifying hubs outside the downtown core, improved access to the growing regional mall corridor, working with paratransit providers in the area, including the local taxi operators, to consider broader coordination strategies and collecting specific data to assist in developing options and alternatives. The study also included review of the current fare structure to identify opportunities to simplify the zone system and provide easier and consistent fares for riders. The current system includes six zones and a paid transfer process. The recommendations included a flat fare and the introduction of a day pass to eliminate transfers.

The remaining portion of the study involved refining those options and alternatives and blending the actions into a plan that updated the planning processes for the agency, increase community awareness of the value of the KRT services and provided a path forward for future years, included the addition of ITS programs and processes.