North Station Area Transportation Master Plan for Boston Redevelopment Authority

Boston Redevelopment Authority | Howard Stein Hudson  – Boston, MA

MCA is part of a team selected by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to develop a comprehensive and consolidated analysis of the multi-modal transportation network in the North Station study area over the near and long term, and to propose actionable improvements with realistic timelines for implementation and financing.

Tasks for the study include: review of all relevant existing and ongoing projects, plans and improvements; develop a vision for transportation in the Plan area working with affected stakeholders; using existing modelling networks and data, establish and analyze base and future transportation networks and conditions; develop and test transportation system improvements for all modes; develop an achievable Implementation Plan, including costs, potential financing sources, and operation and management strategies, with consensus from all stakeholders; implement a thorough Community process, outreach and engagement; and complete the design of one to three immediate/near term improvements. The MCA role will be to lead the public transportation portion of the study, looking first at existing services include multi-modal fixed route and commuter options, a variety of dedicated and demand based shuttles and circulators, as well as other taxi, TNC and other demand response options. Next, given the potential applicability of a number of integrated and shared use mobility options, how can these be best incorporated into a system and effectively communicated in real time to residents, visitors, commuters, etc.

The public transportation components would then be blended into the overall plan development process, including input from affected agencies.

Public Transportation Planning, shuttle and multimodal infrastructure and operations review, stakeholder engagement, community outreach

May – December 2016

Pete Stidman, Active Transportation Leader
Howard Stein Hudson
11 Beacon Street, Suite 1010
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 482 7080