Mobility Planning: Memphis Area Transit Authority


Marlene Connor Associates, LLCMCA was selected by MATA to provide planning and policy assistance for various mobility planning projects. Those projects will include assisting in the positioning of and drafting for  FTA grant and other funding applications, advising on the development of their microtransit pilot project, including evaluating the potential transferability of that microtransit project to other locales in their service area,  as well as other opportunities for mobility improvements with partnering agencies as part of the Memphis 3.0 system redesign process.

Assignments will include staff communication and coordination, discussions with peer transit agencies regarding their similar projects and programs, interaction with local stakeholders and community agencies, integrating technology and communication concepts to promote a one system perspective, developing key performance indicators and measures of effectiveness to evaluate mobility options, and assist in implementation activities.

MATA has a number of key initiatives that are moving forward including a mobile payment and improved technology process and a new FTA funded BRT corridor. MATA has also successfully partnered with other agencies and community groups and, thus is well positioned for additional mobility coordination and integration projects and programs.

MCA will be providing ideas and inputs on how to improve those coordination and integration opportunities.

Memphis Area Transit Authority

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Memphis Area Transit Authority
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