Mobility Management

Regional Transportation Study

Tompkins, Tioga, Cortland, Chemung, Cayuga, Seneca, and Schuyler Counties

MobilityManagementThe Regional Transportation Study (RTS) was a planning project developed by the Regional Transportation Planning Coalition, a group of community leaders representing county governments, higher education, transit, human services, and planning interests, to study transportation in the sevencounty area of Western New York, including the counties of Cayuga, Cortland, Tioga, Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, and Tompkins. The study resulted in a strategic plan of programmatic and policy solutions to address transportation infrastructure, systems, operational improvements and enhancements needed to accommodate projected transportation needs.

The goals of the RTS were to:

  1. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of existing mobility services across all modes,
  2. Develop and market real mobility choices to the public, and
  3. Enable coordination among counties to provide the best possible cost effective transportation.

The RTS process examined existing services and needs, projected future demands, incorporate stakeholder input and developed a series of recommendations in a phased implementation plan and a sustainable process that addressed: alternatives to reduce drive-alone automobile trips and to provide realistic options to persons who are unable to or choose not to drive; reductions in commuter traffic on the highway network; potential expansion of bus transportation, including commuter bus and intercity services; incorporation of coordinated mobility programs, such as van pools, guaranteed ride home, ride sharing, and human service transportation; and improvements in communication and technology to improve customer information and agency interaction. The significant public input components of the study included virtual public hearings to enable communication to a broad regional spectrum of interested community participants.