MBTA Boston MA: Automated Fare Collections Systems Integrator Accessibility Services


MCA is a team participant on the consortium of Cubic-John Laing for the design, integration, and implementation of a new Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system for the MBTA. AFC 2.0, the new system is the first public-private partnership for the MBTA. The MCA is tasked to provide accessibility guidance and oversight.

The MCA role, which will be similar to prior work with the Cubic team in the development of the proposal, is to interact with the disability community and ensure that all components of the new system are fully functional and in concert with the system goal:

Accessibility improvements: The entire system will be designed for a broad range of accessibility needs, by user experience specialists. And the website and mobile app will be compliant with digital accessibility guidelines.

MCA will continue prior working relationships with the community and also work in conjunction with the MBTA’s System Wide Accessibility Group. Phased implementation of the system is anticipated in late in 2019. Full implementation will occur by mid-2020 followed by a retirement of the existing system in 2021.

Cubic/John Lange

Boston MA