Mass DOT Bus Network Redesign


MCA is part of the Cambridge Systematics Team which has been selected to complete the Bus Network Redesign for the MBTA in Boston, MA for Mass DOT. The MCA role is to support the development of service concepts as part of the network design alternatives. The alternatives will consider major ongoing land use and development trends and address the assessment of the travel patterns and preferences for how people live and move in the local economy and how these can address the new employment and housing districts.

MCA will also specifically focus on identifying new mobility partnerships and how these can be integrated into the service concepts and network design alternatives. MCA will also work on the evaluation of alternatives against the network level metrics, and articulate the outcomes that makes them understood by the public in terms of potential impacts to daily travel.

MCA will contribute as part of the team in gaining support from customers and stakeholders on the design alternatives and participate in the final service and operations plan development.

Massachusetts DOT

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