Long Range Plans

Ventura County Regional Transit Study

Ventura County Regional Transit Study.mca1.savedforweb.11This study provided the Ventura County Transportation Commission in Ventura County, CA. with technical and policy consulting services regarding organizational options and strategies used in the transit industry that could be transferable to Ventura County.

Ventura County has multiple public transportation operators including a regional program, VISTA, Gold Coast Transit JPA, and multiple municipal operations. This study was designed to assist the VCTC in preparation for the implementation of CA SB 716 which provided new guidance on local funding requirements for transit operations. The study presented for consideration a range of alternative organizational structures for operations and funding in the creation of a county-wide transit agency.

Alternatives discussed with the Policy Steering Committee included varying degrees of collaboration, coordination and consolidation. Study tasks included interviewing existing service providers, developing organizational alternatives and strategies for implementation, communicating with policy makers and the client regarding options and alternatives, and assisting in development of the final report.