Local Coordination Plans

NJTPA Regional Coordinated Human Services

NJ RTP.mca1.savedforweb.11The Regional Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan was a cooperative effort of NJTPA, NJ Transit and the Department of Human Services to identify ways to achieve a coordinated transportation system from a regional perspective for the 13-County area in New Jersey. It built on the individual plans submitted by each county that assessed current levels of public and specialized transit services, identified service gaps, and made recommendations to improve transportation services and linkages between Counties. The primary goals of the plan were to: maximize the efficiency and simplify access to existing public transportation services; reduce and eliminate duplication of services; ensure that improved services filled existing gaps in public transportation; develop proposals and strategies to achieve regional cooperation; provide a mechanism to update plans on a continuing basis and monitor plan progress.

The Regional Coordination Human Services Transportation Plan will be used by NJTPA to develop a Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan for each of its member Counties. The Final plan summarized the transportation provider and service inventory for each County, assessed the 13 local county plans, and identified regional issues for the delivery of human service transportation in northern New Jersey. Specific tasks for the Plan included: