Fare Studies & Financial Analysis

Loudon County

Commuter Bus Fare Analysis

Loudon_County_Fare_Study.savedforweb.11In preparation of the opening of phase 1 of the Silver Line connecting Washington D.C. with Dulles Airport, the County wanted to consider a range of fare level and policy options.

This study included identifying current industry trends with respect to fare policies and practices, and presented peer information with respect to commuter based services in similar environments. The County Commuter Bus Service included three types of service which were anticipated to evolve with the addition of the Silver Line service.

The study included reviewing LC Transit ridership and revenue trends, as well as characteristics that have impacted ridership and revenue since 2007, such as gas prices, population growth, congestions, and service levels.

The study recommended a fare policy framework for the future as well as proposed fare level scenarios with ridership and revenue impacts.