Event Mobility Planning

Transportation Logistics Study

ChurchHillDownsA transportation logistics study was undertaken to provide a private sector client related to Churchill Downs in Kentucky with an assessment of site layout and access patterns, especially those for transit and taxi service. The work included both pre- and post-event meetings with involved stakeholders, including facility management, managers of the shuttle and taxi operators, and the Police Department to gain an understanding of transportation operations and strategies. Site visits were held to observe all aspects of the spectator experience, focusing on transportation patterns and issues.

Based upon meetings with involved stakeholders and observations at the event, an assessment and alternatives strategy was prepared that included a phased implementation plan for the client to improve transportation operations to and from the facility, as well as enhance the attendees’ overall event experience. The phased implementation plan was broken down into short term recommendations for 2013 and long term recommendations for 2014 and beyond.

The overarching recommendation was that the client develop a mobility framework, including identifying a central entity to assume management of transportation and coordination of the various modes of services. Longer term recommendations included reconfiguration of the shuttle/taxi area to improve operations and enhance attendee experience.