Economic Benefit Analysis

Economic Benefit Analysis of Investment in Public Transportation in Connecticut

1An assessment of economic benefits for public transportation investments within the state of Connecticut. The report established a framework for a current economic benefit review of public transportation projects. The review was based on livability and community sustainability trends.

2.jpgThe report provided economic value estimates for four active capital projects in Connecticut:

The report estimates that these four projects would create the equivalent of 16,044 jobs. The report also highlights 13 priority transit routes throughout the state that, if invested in, would offer mobility options for thousands of state residents.

3The report concluded that public transportation provides unique opportunities economically for communities and riders including jobs, access to jobs, education facilities, medical care, as well as opportunities for community re-investment in development. Public transportation works best in those communities and regions which recognize the value that mobility and access can provide. The strength of that investment is highest when there is a broad spectrum of partners, both public and private.