College & University Transit Program Assessment

UCSC Comprehensive Transit
Study, Santa Cruz, CA

UCSC.mca1.11.30The purpose of the study was to assess the effectiveness of the UCSC transit program, and to make recommendations for improving its efficiency and safety.

The overarching goal of the project was to determine how the two systems serving the University, TAPS and Santa Cruz Metro, could be improved to meet the travel needs of groups served by the two separate programs, in a more coordinated and comprehensive fashion. The study examined closely the roles that both the University and Santa Cruz mass transit operators play in serving the needs of the campus community, as well as analyzing how the two systems interrelate.

An important element of the study was a significant public outreach component which focused on UCSC students and included several “dropin sessions” and a University-wide on-line survey. Other work included an on-board survey that provided a comprehensive look at the characteristics of transit users, and a market segment analysis.

The study included developing GIS mapping, for ease of review of recommendations by University Administration and students. Additional work included the development of pedestrian and bicycle plans and programs for the campus.