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Offering a full range of public and private sector transportation policy and planning that includes operations, finance, technology, management, and organization design leading to the development of solutions for fixed route and paratransit services.

Marlene Connor has been selected along with key transportation leaders in mobility as a member of the Transportation Research Board



Establishing Marlene Connor Associates in 2015 has given us the ability to particularly focus on policy and planning projects that we believe are most important to the public transportation industry – providing one system of mobility options for all persons. The pandemic clearly demonstrated that essential mobility is of primary importance for public transportation. It is also consistent with how MCA works with customers and communities to advise on choices for each locale to communicate all opportunities, use technology to inform on options and recommend operators, recognizing that ultimately it is the role of public transportation to ensure that services are available for all, ensuring full equity and inclusion.

We continue to diligently participate in a number of industry associations including APTA, CTAA, TRB, and FTA, developing policy perspectives connected to mobility. We believe, for example, that pilot microtransit projects add value, but if they are to be sustained they need dedicated funding sources that do not exist today. We as an industry need to find partners, advocates, and champions that can bring that message to decision makers at all levels.

Thus, we balance our work with clients and within the infrastructure to include our experience in operations, finance, and management as well as organizational design and development and specialize in integrated and coordinated mobility that connects customers and communities. Our belief is that the integrated mobility components connect guided by public transportation networks that can communicate and develop seamless service to those customers and communities.

MCA, LLC, has been certified as a DBE for federal-aid transportation projects and designated as a WBE through certifications by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition, we have been certified as a DBE by: the North Carolina Department of Transportation; the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the New York State Department of Transportation; and by the State of Tennessee Uniform Certification Process.

Marlene Connor Associates, LLC


We combine strategic analysis and an understanding of technology to develop transportation plans that meet the precise needs of communities.

Regional Service Concept Design & Development

Mobility on Demand Planning and Implementation

Private Sector Engagement

Statewide Transit Plans

Transit Industry Research

Operational Assessments

Short Range Transit Plans & Transit Development Plans

Senior & Community Mobility Projects

Facility Feasibility Studies

ADA Paratransit & Human Services Coordination

Mobility Management

Long Range Plans

Economic Benefit Analysis

Proposal Development, Coordination & Assessment

Call Center Feasibility & Development

Fare Studies & Financial Analysis

Technology Applications Feasibility & Development

Event Mobility Planning

Management Performance Reviews & Assessments

Organizational Design

College & University Transit Program Assessment


Marlene Connor, Principal

Marlene has 30 years of experience in transportation management and planning. She blends private and public sector experience with an intense personal commitment to improving transportation policy. She was previously the chief executive officer of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority in Springfield, MA where she directed numerous changes in service delivery, consolidated the fixed route and paratransit services programs, and implemented a systematic financial improvement process that improved efficiency while enhancing mobility.

Her experience includes a wide range of public transportation planning projects in modes from ADA paratransit to Bus Rapid Transit as well as studies that include operations, policy development, management and organization, IT, and financial analysis and review. Marlene is Past Chair of the American Public Transportation Association’s Mobility Management Committee and also Chair’s the Legislative Committee’s Intergovernmental Issues Subcommittee, and the Access Committee Subcommittee on Emerging Technology committees. Marlene is also a member of the TRB Study  Committee on the Role of Transit and Mobility Management.

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Marlene Connor Associates works collaboratively in a range of settings throughout the country to develop creative solutions for public transportation and mobility projects.



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