Elevate Your Public Transportation Strategy with Marlene Connor Associates
Comprehensive Expertise

  • Strategic Policy and Planning: Marlene Connor Associates excels in developing long-term transportation strategies that are aligned with your community’s needs and objectives. We provide comprehensive, forward-thinking policy guidance to drive your transportation initiatives.
  • Sustainable Finance and Management: Marlene Connor Associates brings sustainable financial acumen to the table, assisting you in managing budgets, allocating resources, and making sound financial decisions. We also excel in the sustainable management of transportation projects, ensuring they stay on track and within budget.
  • Operations: We are experts in optimizing the day-to-day functionality of transportation systems. Our focus is on efficiency, safety, and reliability, ensuring that your community’s transportation runs smoothly and effectively.
  • Role of Public Transportation in Communities: We understand the critical role that public transportation plays in fostering thriving communities. Our expertise lies in integrating public transit effectively into the broader mobility fabric, creating access and opportunities for all residents.

We Blend Strategic Analysis With Advanced Technology To Create
Customized Public Transportation Plans For Communities

Here are some of the communities that Marlene Connor Associates has assisted.

“Jim McLaughlin and I established Marlene Connor Associates with the aim of advancing the industry’s perspective on integrated mobility. We envisioned creating a unified system for public transportation with a customer-centric focus.”

Marlene Connor
Marlene Connor Associates, LLC

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